Virtual Sleuth ®

Expatriate Borrower Identification and Verification Services


  • US Nigerian Embassy Statistic 2009: Over 2 million Nigerians live in the USA alone.
  • They are all eager to own property "back home". Tap this previously unavailable market with MVPS Inc. Virtual Sleuth ®. Benefits include the ability to tap a brand new market and generate a steady inflow of foreign currency. VIRTUAL SLEUTH takes virtually all of the guesswork out of Expatriate Customer identification and verification.  We do the verifications and the Customer pays us for the service.  We send you findings within 48 hours to assist you in the identification process.  You decide whether to accept this person as a Customer or not.

 Why Virtual Sleuth ®:


  • We operate in the major expatriate markets
  • Prospective borrowers undergo identity verification and loan Pre-qualification through their resident country system
  • We verify identity, employment, income, assets and credit
  • Identifies unqualified and undesirable applicants ab initio
  • Discourages and/or identifies fraudulent applications
  • Reduces lending risk while supporting lending expansion
  • Secure verification process
  • Applicant pays any associated fees upfront - no Lender cost
  • 24 -48 hour turnaround for quick loan decisions
  • Secure, state of the art technology - all virtually web-based for your easy access and convenience

  • How Does It Work?:

  • Simply email us and we will set up a Secure and account Exclusive to you. 
  • When an expatriate client calls to open an account or transact other business with you, have them log on to and follow the instructions therein. 
  • We will return a findings report within 48 hours, verifying Name, Address, Employment, Credit History, Income and a Background check. 
  • This report will then assist you in weeding out the undesirables BEFORE you ever transact business with them. 
  •  We are certain that once the word gets out that you Virtual Search all intending Expatriate customers, the crooks and fraudsters will avoid your bank like the plague, and your international reputation will be drastically increased, enabling you access to better quality financing and clientele.

  • Visit to see how easy it is for your customers to verify their information.


Email for further information and/or orders. Custom Corporate Plans and discounts available.

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