The African Lending industry has proven to the world that we are as innovative, resilient, creative and enlightened as any other market in the world.


The areas we have been lacking in, have been international standardization of continuing education, compliant software, expatriate marketing and international affiliate networking.


Marvel Ventures professional Solutions, Inc. was founded on a passion - a passion to support the growth of the fledgling credit sectors, especially in Mortgage Lending to our home markets.


MVPS, is the first company to bring these tools to your doorstep with our extraordinary technological innovative site.


  1. Quality mortgage and credit finance education: training and continuing education, especially in online formats, accessible anywhere anytime for your convenience.
  2. Internationally recognized software: for standardization of credit transaction documentation (Compliant with most systems, including Finacle)
  3. International borrower verification and identity processing: to help the industry sort out the fraudsters and unqualified potential expatriate borrowers, who send international documents that many of the banks and mortgage providers either cannot verify, or do not understand, and reduce fraud in our system.
  4. Expert consulting services: Financial, Legal, Mortgage etc. to assist the industry in policy, strategy and standardization of it's practices, to align itself better with the international financing community, and better be able to obtain international respect and consequently, international investors.
Our team includes some of the most highly regarded members of their chosen professions. We bring a cumulative experience of over 100 years in the fields of legal, mortgage, financial analysis and project policy.






Our Expert Team

Adenike (Nike) Fasanya-Osilaja Certified Mortgage Consultant

  • Attorney at Law: Graduated University (LLB Hons) in 1987,  called to the Nigerian bar in 1988.
  • Graduated ICSA in 1995.
  • Mortgage Broker in the USA since 1996. Certified as Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac Underwriter in 1996.
  • Certified as US government FHA Underwriter in 1997.
  • Master Diploma in Islamic Finance (MDIF);  Certified Islamic Finance Expert (CIFE);  Certified Islamic Banker (CIB)
  • President/CEO of Marvel Ventures Mortgage, Inc in Chicago, Illinois, since 2000. Radio Mortgage show expert contributor since 2003.
  • Mortgage training and Seminar presenter since 2004. Expert Trainer / Facilitator for Origination, Compliance, Processing, Underwriting, Closing and Post Closing services.
  • Radio Mortgage show host since 2008.
  • Certified Mortgage Consultant, "CMC" in 2008. CMC is the highest Mortgage Broker certification in the USA and is issued only by the National Association of Mortgage Brokers of the USA.
  • Sits on several boards, including the Non-profit U.S Community Foundation, Inc. Recipient of several mortgage industry award nominations from the Illinois Association of Mortgage Professionals.
  • USA Government Federal Credit Reporting agency certified in 2008. 


Yafang Cheng:

  • United States Attorney since 1984.
  • Managing Partner of New York based law firm with specialization in real estate law and mortgage securitization.
  • Also renowned as an international real estate legal consultant in her native Taiwan.
  • US Attorney credentials earned in addition to New York State Attorney credentials.


Joanna Bednarek:

           Owner and CEO of  National Title Center of Illinois, a multi million dollar Title Agency.

           Expert in short sales / Foreclosure and Loan Modification processes and Procedures.

           Land and Deed recordation and implementation expert.

           Extensive background in mortgage origination, processing and closing process.



          Dale Warren - Mortgage statistics and analytics expert

          Linda Bonds - Mortgage processing and documentation expert 



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